List of problems endemic to social media

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This is a brief list of problems endemic to social media sites as they currently exist, with links for pages of further discussion of each topic.

  • Social media addiction: People get addicted to social media sites even if they find the overall experience negative.
    • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out, one of the things that keeps people addicted.
  • Trolls: Bad actors carrying out solo harassment.
  • Advertisers: Specific problems with advertising include:
    • Surveillance capitalism: Google and Facebook style collection, sale and accidental exposure of personal information.
    • Spam: Advertising content driving out desired content.
  • Extremists: Social networks are a vital recruiting tool for neo-Nazis and other terrorist groups.
  • Propaganda: Politically slanted non-factual content intended to cause political shifts or simply chaos.
  • Bots: Automated systems pretending to be human, either for purposes in this list, or for simple amusement.
  • Privacy invasion: Aside from surveillance capitalism, social media can also be used for individual privacy invasion, including:
    • Doxxing: Publication of true or apparently true facts about individuals.
    • Stalking: Social media is a rich source of information for those who wish to carry out real-life stalking.
  • Government censorship: Imposed filtering of social interaction by nation states, such as is carried out by China.
  • Corporate censorship: Imposed filtering of social interaction by corporations, including:
    • Copyright: The EU is soon to impose copyright filters on the Internet.
    • Lawsuit threats: Strategic legal threats to make individuals remove true information on the powerful.
  • Malware: Distribution of computer software with evil intent.
  • Apathy: The meta-problem. 90% of users don't care enough about the above problems to switch to better systems.