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Minds has been around in one form or another, under one owner or another, since 1996.

Originally begun as Electric Minds, an invitation only, closed community created by Howard Rheingold (an online community researcher(, it was a very successful academic and intellectual community of original thinkers and artists.

Due to funding issues by the original investors due to the strong beliefs that content created by members not be monetized, funding dried up and the asset was sold off around 1998. As time progressed, the community continued to rebel against any monetization of content created by members and no owner was able to create a revenue model around the community and it was eventually abandoned by corporate owners.

An attempt was made to continue the community without corporate owners, under some form of community ownership, but eventually active membership dwindled to a point that ultimately the platform was abandoned and the domain name was released to the wild.

The domain was picked up at least once or twice beyond this time but never found traction. This new owner may have found a way to monetize a new community by creating a blockchain and cryptocurrency used to benefit contributors.

NB: I was an original member of Electric Minds and have been following the community over the years to see what might come of it.