Regulatory challenges

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When things get put online and perused by thousands if not millions of people, you have to consider national and international laws and regulations:

  • child protection
  • liability issues
  • privacy regulations
  • DMCA and similar copyright protection laws
  • defamation and libel issues
  • some countries have laws and regulations concerning hate speech

This is confounded by the fact that there are different potentially responsible parties

  • the site owner
    • easily identified within a closed system like Facebook
    • less easily for federated systems (if I post something on my pod and it gets federated - who has to deal with a DMCA takedown notice?)
  • the individual user
    • can they be anonymous?
    • if not, where does the responsibility shift to?
  • or is it, in the case of a federated system, the application developer? (probably not, but who knows?)