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"diaspora" software runs on various servers called "pods". Sometimes the owner of the server is a conspicuous participant in the pod's stream of posts, but not always. A user of diaspora can view content in various modes:

- a public stream of all the posts on all the diaspora pods
- a stream of all the posts from the user's home pod
- a stream of all the posts from all the pods that have hashtags matching the user's selected tag(s)
- a stream of all the posts from the user's contacts across all pods

In theory; however, in the first week since the G+ sunset announcement, as a pod of diaspora called pluspora.com received thousands of new members, the communication between that pod and others was interrupted. Views of the local stream reveal numerous posts that were not replicated at other pods of the system. The owners of the pod have mentioned that it is overloaded in some respects.