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Many, many, Google+ users.
Many, many, Google+ users.
* [https://www.facebook.com/groups/1189060457917856/permalink/1189062911250944/ Google Meetup Group] created 24 October 2018, ~84 members as of 15 December 2018. <!-- Need a source -- al m on G+ I think ~dredmorbius -->
* [https://www.facebook.com/groups/1189060457917856/permalink/1189062911250944/ Google Plus Meetup Group] created 24 October 2018, ~84 members as of 15 December 2018. <!-- Need a source -- al m on G+ I think ~dredmorbius -->
== Hubzilla ==
== Hubzilla ==

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This is a list of known significant Google+ Exodus communities.

It is not a page for discussion of features, merits, or demerits, of any one platform.

To find others and be found on these platforms, check the Recommended Practices for exchanging contact information.


On platforms supporting hashtags, broadcasting or following the following should turn up other Google+ refugees:

#googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus

Sites & Platforms


The Cake interest category "Google" has 189 followers.


Does not support groups or communities.

The Pluspora pod is operated and principally populated by Google+ refugees with over 7,900 members as of 15 December 2018

There is a French-language pod as well.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Many, many, Google+ users.


Multiple Google+ users.

Supports groups. No known Google+ groups.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Does not support groups.

Numerous Google+ users actively use the system, estimated 100+.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


The MeWe community - a sampling:

  • "MeWe Welcome (Or "It's Not A Ghost Town")" for G+ refugees, currently 394 members
  • Two identically named "Google Plus Refugees" one with 124 members, the other 290.
  • "Google+": 20 members
  • "Google Plus Expats": 668 members
  • "Google Remnants": 357 members
  • "The Great G+ RPG Exodus": 767 members
  • "G+ Refugees- Tabletop Roleplaying Games": 242 members
  • Several other Google+ named groups: ~10-50 member range
  • Numerous non-English-language Google-related groups, membership unknown.

Total exodus groups approaching 100 as of 23 October 2018. Groups may not clearly indicate Google/Google+ relationship.


Minds has a "Google+ Refugees" community of 217 members.


There are several Google+ and specifically Google+ Refugee subreddits.

  • /r/GooglePlus: a general-interest Google Plus forum not specifically oriented at refugees. Moderators have not responded to inquiries from Dredmorbius (/u/dredmorbius at Reddit). 6,681 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
  • /r/GooglePlusRefugees: a general-discussion forum. 174 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
  • /r/PLExodus: Exodus support forum. 37 subscribers as of 23 October 2018.


Numerous Google+ users, most through work or other affiliations.


A few Google+ users.


Many, many Google+ users.

Does not support groups.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus

Communities on Google+

Google+ Migration / Exodus communities, mostly aimed at planning and/or contacts-sharing, on Google+ itself.

Listed by size.

  • Google+ Mass Migration: "Here to help people, organisations, formal and informal groups and communities plan and execute migrations to new online homes." 2,771 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • G+ RPG Escape Rocket: "Coordinating efforts to migrate the tabletop gaming communities of G-Plus before Doomsday, April 2019". 1,249 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Lights Out Google+: "For Those Who Will Stay To The Bitter End". 171 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Plexodus: The Beginning is Near: "a small and selected-membership space for discussion and planning of individual and group future online and social media options." 87 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Diaspora Pod Incubator: Support for setting up and running a Diaspora pod. 81 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Google+ End Times: "A place to discuss options for a post Google+ world. All ideas welcome." 53 members as of 24 October 2018.

Several Google+ Communities have active exodus discussions ongoing within themselves, but not as separate communities.

Other Exodus Support Sites