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* [https://reddit.com/r/googleplusrefugees /r/GooglePlusRefugees] is a general-discussion forum.  174 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
* [https://reddit.com/r/googleplusrefugees /r/GooglePlusRefugees] is a general-discussion forum.  174 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
=== STEEM ===
A few Google+ users.
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=== Twitter ===

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This is a list of known significant Google+ Exodus communities.


On platforms supporting hashtags, broadcasting or following the following should turn up other Google+ refugees:

#googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus

Sites & Platforms


The Cake interest category "Google" has 189 followers. Recent posts address the demise of G+. The category also tracks other Google-related matters including related consumer devices and working at Google, and others.


Does not support groups or communities.

The Pluspora pod is operated and principally populated by Google+ refugees. As of 13 October 2018, pluspora.com - increased membership from perhaps 100 before the G+ termination announcement (October 8) to 5500 within a few days.

There is a French-language pod as well.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Many, many, Google+ users.

None known.


Multiple Google+ users.

Unknown if groups exist (or are supported).

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


The MeWe community - a sampling:

  • "MeWe Welcome (Or "It's Not A Ghost Town")" for G+ refugees, currently 394 members
  • "Google Plus Refugees" two identically named groups - one has 124 members, the other has 290
  • "Google+" has 20 members
  • "Google Plus Expats" has 668 members
  • "Google Remnants" has 357 members
  • "The Great G+ RPG Exodus" has 767 members
  • "G+ Refugees- Tabletop Roleplaying Games" has 242 members

There are several other Google+ named groups in the 10 - 50 member size range, and there are various Google-related groups in languages other than English - in fact the number of "exodus" groups maybe approaching 100. As MeWe is group focused, some communities from Google+ may not have Google in their name at all and be indistinguishable. Individuals can join unlimited number of groups (unlimited < infinity). There is no common stream - only group-posted content. If you are not in the group, you cannot see the content


Does not support groups.

Numerous Google+ users actively use the system.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Minds has a "Google+ Refugees" community of 217 members. The site is a mix of public feed and groups (analogous to communities on G+) a bit token system linked to an e-currency allows the community to self-fund and content providers may be able to monetize their efforts. Some will find the token system disconcerting, but it is not mandatory for basic use of the site. There are hundreds of established groups of varying quality, just like on G+, or it is simple to set up a new community and wall out the barbarians. Content can be posted to a group OR publicly. All group posts appear in the public stream.


There are several Google+ and specifically Google+ Refugee subreddits.

  • /r/GooglePlus is a general-interest Google Plus forum not specifically oriented at refugees. Moderators have not responded to inquiries from Dredmorbius (/u/dredmorbius at Reddit). 6,681 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.


A few Google+ users.


Many, many Google+ users.

Does not support groups.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus