Established G+ Exodus Communities

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This is a list of known significant Google+ Exodus communities.

It is not a page for discussion of features, merits, or demerits, of any one platform.


On platforms supporting hashtags, broadcasting or following the following should turn up other Google+ refugees:

#googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus

Sites & Platforms


The Cake interest category "Google" has 189 followers.


Does not support groups or communities.

The Pluspora pod is operated and principally populated by Google+ refugees with over 6,000 members as of 23 October 2018

There is a French-language pod as well.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Many, many, Google+ users.


Multiple Google+ users.

Supports groups. No known Google+ groups.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


Does not support groups.

Numerous Google+ users actively use the system, estimated 100+.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus


The MeWe community - a sampling:

  • "MeWe Welcome (Or "It's Not A Ghost Town")" for G+ refugees, currently 394 members
  • Two identically named "Google Plus Refugees" one with 124 members, the other 290.
  • "Google+": 20 members
  • "Google Plus Expats": 668 members
  • "Google Remnants": 357 members
  • "The Great G+ RPG Exodus": 767 members
  • "G+ Refugees- Tabletop Roleplaying Games": 242 members
  • Several other Google+ named groups: ~10-50 member range
  • Numerous non-English-language Google-related groups, membership unknown.

Total exodus groups approaching 100 as of 23 October 2018. Groups may not clearly indicate Google/Google+ relationship.


Minds has a "Google+ Refugees" community of 217 members.


There are several Google+ and specifically Google+ Refugee subreddits.

  • /r/GooglePlus: a general-interest Google Plus forum not specifically oriented at refugees. Moderators have not responded to inquiries from Dredmorbius (/u/dredmorbius at Reddit). 6,681 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
  • /r/GooglePlusRefugees: a general-discussion forum. 174 subscribers as of 19 October 2018.
  • /r/PLExodus: Exodus support forum. 37 subscribers as of 23 October 2018.


Numerous Google+ users, most through work or other affiliations.


A few Google+ users.


Many, many Google+ users.

Does not support groups.

Hashtags: #googleplus #gplusrefugees #gplusrefugee #gplusexodus

Communities on Google+

Google+ Migration / Exodus communities, mostly aimed at planning and/or contacts-sharing, on Google+ itself.

Listed by size.

  • Google+ Mass Migration: "Here to help people, organisations, formal and informal groups and communities plan and execute migrations to new online homes." 2,771 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • G+ RPG Escape Rocket: "Coordinating efforts to migrate the tabletop gaming communities of G-Plus before Doomsday, August 2019". 1,249 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Lights Out Google+: "For Those Who Will Stay To The Bitter End". 171 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Plexodus: The Beginning is Near: "a small and selected-membership space for discussion and planning of individual and group future online and social media options." 87 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Diaspora Pod Incubator: Support for setting up and running a Diaspora pod. 81 members as of 24 October 2018.
  • Google+ End Times: "A place to discuss options for a post Google+ world. All ideas welcome." 53 members as of 24 October 2018.

Several Google+ Communities have active exodus discussions ongoing within themselves, but not as separate communities.