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'''*Q: Where should I go?*'''
'''*Q: Where should I go?*'''
'''*A:*''' There is no one answerThis community can help you chose where to go, but ''_you_'' decide what fits best.  ''_Where your personal contacts go matters most._''
'''*A:*''' '''There is no one answer.*''' This community can help you chose where to go, but ''_you_'' decide what fits best.  ''_Where your personal contacts go matters most._''
Major alternatives are listed here:
Major alternatives are listed here:

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This is a template, in G+ asciidoc format, for posting to the G+MM forum frequently.

The text below includes G+ markup and is intended to be copied and pasted from this page directly. It also uses MediaWiki markup to help preview final appearance. This is intentional, not confusion between markup styles, FYI.

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*Google+ Mass Migration _short_ FAQ*

*Q: When is Google+ shutting down?*

*A:* *April 2, 2019.* _Five months earlier than originally announced._

*March 7, 2019* for *Google+ APIs*, including *Google+ Sign-in* and integrations for *web & mobile apps*.



*Q: Where should I go?*

*A:* There is no one answer.* This community can help you chose where to go, but _you_ decide what fits best. _Where your personal contacts go matters most._ Major alternatives are listed here: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/Established_G%2B_Exodus_Communities

*Q How do I know where people are going?*

*A:* Some have used this form: https://goo.gl/forms/EnkYfrY9HYKkr7iy2

The results are posted here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GYSUTGpmz-2trxhvNyEv_rnNF1GvEf4OW0Lct7KxEiY

Others are using #SignalFlare posts, and #googleplus and #gplusrefugee hashtags on their new sites.

Also check a user's *About* page or pinned posts on their streams for forwarding information. Create these yourself for others to find.

*Q: Can I save my G+ content?*

*A:* *YES!* Use the Friends+Me Google+ Exporter for best results: https://gplus-exporter.friendsplus.me

_Other tools for archiving exist._ Official Google Data Takeout _can_ work but is problematic: https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout/custom/plus_pages,circles,stream,plus_one,profile,plus_communities

*Q: I have more data migration questions/issues?*

*A:* See the Data Migration page: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/Data_Migration_Process_and_Considerations

*Q: What should I be doing as a G+ Community owner / moderator?*

*A:* Communicate and coordinate with your community:

*Q: Should I delete my Google+ account or Communities?*

*A:* You could, but we don't suggest it. Doing so will remove all content you _and others_ have made, making it much harder for others to save their work.

*Q: Can I simply convert to a G Suite / Corporate Google+ account?*

*A:* Short answer: *No.*

Long answer: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/FAQ#Q:_Is_there_any_way_to_continue_using_Google.2B_after_the_sunset.3F

*Q: Are other Google products shutting down / affected by this?*

*A:* *NO*, other Google products will _not_ be shut down at this time, only Google+. However some interactions may be experienced. See: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/FAQ#Google_Products_and_Services

*Q: What if I have more questions?*

*A:* See the full FAQ: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/FAQ

Source: https://social.antefriguserat.de/index.php/G%2BMM_Short_FAQ
G+MM Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/112164273001338979772

-- version 1.5 Feb 1, 2019

============================ END COPY ============================

Highly Simplified FAQ

After prolonged discussion, much drinking, and some fairly intense gunplay, John Lewis and I have arrived at the...

Highly Simplified G+MM FAQ

Q: Will Google …?
A: No.

Q: Can we …?
A: Yes.

Q: What about …?
A: It depends.

Discussion & cetera

Any notes, suggestions, concerns, etc.

It should be shorter. I know.

... OK, now it's shorter.

Translations would be greatly appreciated

Useful translations we're requesting include:

  • Slavic
    • Russian
  • Levant / MENA
    • Arabic
    • Hebrew
  • C. & S. Asia
    • Hindi
    • Pashtu
    • Persian
  • Oceania
    • Malay / Indonesian
    • Tagalog

Please feel free to add others.

From Wikipedia, List of languages by total number of speakers:

  1. English
  2. Mandarin Chinese
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish
  5. Modern Standard Arabic
  6. French
  7. Malay
  8. Russian
  9. Bengali
  10. Portuguese
  11. Urdu
  12. German
  13. Japanese
  14. Western Punjabi
  15. Persian
  16. Swahili
  17. Javanese
  18. Wu Chinise / Shanghainese
  19. Telugu
  20. Turkish
  21. Korean
  22. Marathi
  23. Tamil
  24. Yue Chinese
  25. Vietnamese
  26. Italian
  27. Hausa
  28. Thai
  29. Southern Min / Hokkien