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Migration Goals

Google+ provided a platform for many millions of regular users to interact over years. It will be shut down in August, 2019, as announced in October of 2018.

The goal is for those of us who’ve cultivated a significant personal social network on Google+ to carry that forward to some new platform(s).

The platform itself does not have to be a direct analogue of G+, though it should offer at least a reasonable set of similar features.

'This is a set of individual migrations across a wilderness, not a single massive boatlift.

I’d initially selected a photograph the refugee ship Vlorna delivering thousands of Bulgarian refugees to Italy in 1991 to symbolise this effort. It ultimately doesn't represent what we’re going to accomplish, in all likelihood: the mass migration in one fell swoop to a new home. Rather, we’re going to be offering tools for people to individually cross the desert between two hospitable grounds. This suggests a set of tools that will be necessary: data extraction, both posts and contacts, a reasonable level of agreement on where to go (and there will doubtless be multiple eventual targets), and reconnecting on the other side.

And that's what we're going to talk about here.

TBD: What's Needed