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Information that should go elsewhere but simply won't listen to us.

In the meantime, it's lodged here.

Di Cleverly on Diaspora / Pluspora migration

From https://plus.google.com/+DiCleverly/posts/7en7TSZBC4u

This addresses plans, costs, scaling, and capacity of Diaspora and pods, and should be moved to a "Diaspora Economics" or similar page at some point. --Dredmorbius (talk) 13:19, 13 October 2018 (CEST)

Many people have questions about Pluspora and what its long-range goals and plans are. How will we fund it? Can we support the entire Plus community?

David and I have entered into discussions with multiple people on Google Plus and from Diaspora.org and together we have brainstormed the following plan:

1. Move as many early-adopters over to the Pluspora pod as we can support to make it easy for people to find each other during the learning curve, and to educate people on how to use diaspora. However, we can’t take ALL of GPlus onto Pluspora.
2. Encourage people to join other pods. A full list of pods and links to pods can be found at https://podupti.me/
3. Encourage Google Plus Community/Group owners to start their own pods to replicate their Google Plus Communities on Diaspora. Smaller pods of about 1,000 members can be maintained with minimal administrative duties and a budget of roughly $25/month. David and I will be creating a community on Google Plus to help people start their own pods. I am hoping they will do so as soon as possible, so we can have robust uptake.
We estimate with the capacity of Pluspora, and the already existing pods, we will still need about 20-30 smaller “community” pods for Plussers to migrate to absorb about 25% of active Google Plus into Diaspora.
Another note: Please know that so far diaspora source code has been generated and maintained by a small group of volunteer coders. They are as excited as we are about the new partnership. Google Plus is home to many technophiles and wizard coders. Diaspora.org welcomes the influx and help to expand and improve the code. So I expect that things will change over the next year regarding general code and feature availability!