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Google+ provided a social networking platform for many millions of regular users to interact over years. Google+ was shut down on April 2, 2019 as announced on January 30, 2019. This was months earlier than initially stated.

The goal is for those of us who’ve cultivated a significant personal social network on Google+ to carry that forward to some new platform(s).

We also see this as being a useful guide to others on other platforms either as those are shut down or as users find they're better of moving to fairer, or independent and decentralised, waters.

PlexodusWiki serves the population of present and former Google+ users seeking to continue their community across future platform(s).

The goal of this Wiki is to gather and consolidate information:

  • Facilitating individual and group migrations.
  • In one place.
  • That can be collaboratively edited.
  • Out-of-band of G+ itself, or any one other destination platform
  • About alternatives, risks, concerns, opportunities, hopes, fears.

The goal of the migration is to get us to a new beginning. The Beginning is Near Here.

Discuss and publicise this as #PlexodusWiki where hashtags are available.

PlexodusWiki: The Google Plus Exodus Wiki[edit]

We're planning a Google+ Mass Migration / New Beginning. Care to join us?

The general structure of this wiki is as follows:

  • Goals: The intent of the migration.
  • Q: Is there a FAQ? A: Yes.


Social Platforms[edit]

Sites, systems, networks, and protocols supporting various user-generated media. Overview page.

  • Platform Types: An ontology of user-generated media platforms with some examples.
  • Features and Capabilities: What ought be provided by solutions.
  • Platforms and Sites: Specific platforms and sites under consideration, with comparisions and issues.
  • Protocols and Networks: The technical conventions for exchanging and presenting content and messages.
  • AMAs: "Ask me anything" interviews with programmers, hosts, and companies of alternative platforms and sites.

Considerations: Opportunities and Risks[edit]

General information[edit]

Loose Ends[edit]

Finally, for information and links not yet fit into a structure:

  • Loose ends: A collection of miscellaneous links and fragments.
  • Survey Results: Preliminary results of an informal non-representative study among social media users.


We are on Google:

  • Google+ Mass Migration: "Here to help people, organisations, formal and informal groups and communities plan and execute migrations to new online homes." 3,711 members as of 3 January 2019.
  • Plexodus: The Beginning is Near: "a small and selected-membership space for discussion and planning of individual and group future online and social media options." 108 members as of 3 January 2019.

On Reddit:


  • Please email if you'd like to register an account. Spam is a major headache, and spammer registrations require blocking all new accounts unless we know otherwise. Subject "plexodus wiki" to Dredmorbius.
  • Don't ask. Do. (Unless you're told "don't".)
  • Preview before posting! (And save after previewing!)
  • What's Needed describes areas particularly needing attention.
  • TODO links to pages with specific issues.
  • Please heed the Code of Conduct.
  • Editors' Lounge is a place to discuss general Wiki issues.
  • This is MediaWiki. It works like (but is separate from) Wikipedia, etc.
  • Read the Help.
  • If you don't know formatting, enter raw text, it can be tagged properly later.
  • Dredmorbius is organising this, JollyOrc runs it. There are many others.
  • Who we are: a bit about the perpetrators.

If registering an account, fill in your user page (see Dredmorbius as an example).

The utility links, Recent changes, Watchlist, and others, will point you to significant and useful features. Use them!


There is no relationship to Google or other sites and services mentioned, although we may use their services. No endorsement is made, implied, or given. Information provided is as accurate as possible, but comes with no warranty or guaranty. All liability is disclaimed. Independently verify all information and procedures, from this and any other source.

Please join and help us along, the task in front of us is truly herculean!

GDPR Privacy Statement[edit]

This is a non-commercial wiki. You can read everything without us saving any data. Editing or creating a user will store your IP address and the given email address. It will also check your data (IP address and given email against the service to protect the site against spam. You can see Cleantalk's GDPR policy here.