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These are recommended practices you should be doing NOW. As of December, 2018, given the announced shutdown of Google+ effective April 2019, time is rapidly running out. If you have not already begun the steps below, start them now.

You, your Circles, and your Communities should:

  • Exchange permanent contact information with contacts and groups.
    • Make a pinned Profile post, it is easiest to find. Update your profile "About" page with forwarding addresses. Any addresses you don't want public can be shared in private Circles or Communities, or directly.
    • Help other refugees find you on other platforms by referencing your Google+ profile/name in your profiles there. On platforms with hashtags, putting #googleplus or #gplusrefugee in your profile helps as well.
    • Announce your new arrival with a public introduction post using tags like #newhere or #introduction. Include your G+ name and use #googleplus and #gplusrefugee tags.
    • Add your public contact information to the Google+ Mass Migration Public Directory or find others.
    • Use the G+ Notable Names Database and G+ Notable Communities Database to list and find your and others' alternate online homes.
  • Discuss and decide on your online/social-media presence after April 2019. Your closest relationships, family, friends, work, professional, or other immediate community will likely be your biggest influence.
  • Think about data: what you want to keep, what you can delete, and how you want to use it. You have little remaining time to act.
  • Make a Google Data Takeout Archive. Not because this is the last time you'll need to do this, but because it's likely the first and you should familiarise yourself with the process and its limitations.
  • Assess Google+ alternatives. You should now be eliminating unsuitable options.
  • Develop a goal-directed plan, timeline, and actions to achieve it.

Each of these steps may involve far more detail, this is just a basic outline. Other planning sections of the Plexodus Wiki address activities and aspects in more detail and should be helpful.

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