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For our purposes, a social media platform is any form of communications or publishing which strongly emphasises user-generated or contributed content, and peer-to-peer distribution, between individuals and/or groups.

This is a broad definition and does not limit itself to social-graph type networks such as Facebook, Google+, or MySpace. Messaging and chat, email and mailing lists, Usenet, voice messaging (VOIP), blogs, discussion boards (Slashdot, Reddit), social-graph sites, Wikis, and code development platforms such as GitHub or GitLab are included. For further development see sub-pages.


  • Platform Types: An ontology of user-generated media platforms with some examples.
  • Features and Capabilities: What ought be provided by solutions.
  • Platforms and Sites: Specific platforms and sites under consideration, with comparisions and issues.
  • Protocols and Networks: The technical conventions for exchanging and presenting content and messages.
  • AMAs: "Ask me anything" interviews with programmers, hosts, and companies of alternative platforms and sites.