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This is a discussion / notes space about treating MediaWiki as a database. Particularly an issue for the [G+ Notable Names Database]], [G+ Notable Communities Database]], and some future variant of the [Sites and Platforms]] content.

Semantic MediaWiki -- Via Reddit 2019-1-9

From /u/Quidditywiki


You might want to use Semantic MediaWiki, although it adds a lot of complexity, but also power:

Or, You might just want to keep it simple and use tables. If you can install the VisualEditor then that will make editing tables a LOT easier (everything except cell-background-color):

Hope that helps. (Note: I'm not a developer, and have no experience using Semantic_MediaWiki, I'm just an editor who is aware of some of its uses)


Dredmorbius (talk) 05:57, 10 January 2019 (CET)